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Telephone TowerTTA Member Companies are the incumbent local exchange carriers certificated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to provide telephone service in their respective areas.

Associate Members include companies other than ILECs who provide related telecommunications services and products to the local exchange industry. TTA’s associate members work closely with our member companies to provide and maintain economical, efficient and reliable local telephone service.

A Board of Directors comprised of 14 representatives elected by the member companies governs the TTA. An Austin office was established in 1934, and a professional staff conducts the daily activities on behalf of the membership. Policy of the Association is determined by the TTA Board and executed by the staff.

The TTA relies heavily upon the volunteer efforts of members who serve as officers, directors and as members of the various committees. Our committees lay the groundwork for the Association’s activities and long-range goals. Dedicated volunteers-from TTA Member and TTA Associate Member Companies–offer their expertise and invest hundreds of hours of work each year. The volunteers work hand in hand with the staff to achieve the established goals of the Association.

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