2021 Content Strategy Repurposing Across Platforms

Repurposing Across Platforms

By Amine Rahal

Scale Your Content Strategy

In today’s crowded digital marketing space, content is king. It’s the trigger of customer interaction. That’s why every brand is pumping out Tweets, infographics and viral videos at an industrial-grade pace as part of its marketing strategy. If you don’t keep up, you might get left in the (digital) dust.

Fortunately, one story can tell countless more. If you’ve created a piece of content for, say, Facebook, chances are there are plenty of ways you can repurpose it for Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even TikTok. Doing so can be the difference between lagging behind or pulling ahead of your competition on social media.

As the owner of two full-service digital marketing agencies, I’ve put together a brief guide to help you recycle and repurpose content for social media. This way, you can spend less time on content creation and more on your core business operations.

Need help deciding what to repurpose? Learn more here.

Originally published on Forbes.com February 16, 2021