4 Tips to Improve Your Visibility

Raising Your Visibility

By: Joel Garfinkle

4 ways to raise your visibility with key stakeholders

When you’re a motivated, hard worker who has been putting in the hours to succeed — both for yourself and your organization — you’d think that should be enough to get ahead.

Unfortunately, many hard workers fail to take that next step in raising their visibility. Dedication, drive, results: They only help you get ahead if those in key decision-making leaders are aware of your success.

If you’re cringing right now at the idea of endlessly tooting your own horn to your superiors, you can breathe a small sigh of relief. Raising your visibility is more than just demanding recognition for your accomplishments. Ideally, those key stakeholders are invested in your work; they are involved and aware in your success.

If you to want to sustainably raise your visibility with key stakeholders, read my guide below on making your achievements an integral part of their own victories.

Determine what you can deliver to stakeholders, and create a plan using the steps outlined here.

Originally published on smartbrief.com November 16, 2020