5 Common Mistakes Managers Make — According to Their Workers

By Marcel Schwantes

Check your ego at the door.

Over the past five years, I have conducted several workplace surveys to get to the bottom of what mistakes managers make more frequently than others.

The data reveals some obvious patterns that continue to exist even as we have shifted to remote work. My findings are broken down by the five most common themes — the five biggest mistakes bosses make that disengage their employees.

1. Micromanaging

This should come as no surprise. Managers who dominate people, decisions, and processes and lead by fear make this the No.1 mistake. Micromanaging ultimately derails your team’s motivation and creativity.

Since Covid-19, the lines between work and personal life no longer exist when teams work remotely. The 9-to-5 schedule has become extinct, and flexibility to work at a time that’s best for your employees should be the norm. 

The issue most managers run into with asynchronous work is keeping up with their teams’ varying schedules while still hitting their productivity targets. Vetri Vellore, CEO of technology startup Ally.io, says that macro-managing, not micromanaging, is the key to combating this.

“Keep the main goals at the heart of each employee’s contributions, instead of focusing on a task-oriented laundry list of little things to do,” shares Vellore. “As long as those key results are met, I don’t mind when it’s completed.”

Read the other four causes in the full article.

Originally published on inc.com December 3, 2020