5G Will Transform Healthcare

Transform Healthcare

By Sophie Porter

What will be possible in the future once 5G is widely rolled out across the world? In a very short time, new applications of 5G and IoT technology in healthcare will be immediately apparent. Some of them, in fact, will be unseen but hugely beneficial.

Check out 8 of the possibilities.

Remote Assisted Surgery and Training

5G’s high capacity and low latency (reducing the delay to less than 10 milliseconds making the transfer a near real-time interaction) means it can enable surgeons to use augmented reality (AR) technology to provide remote expert guidance on surgery without needing to be in the same operating theatre — or even the same country.

AR technology allows surgeons to interact with their colleagues remotely; for example, via AR video feed, their hands can be superimposed on the patient’s anatomy to give guidance during the operation, and they can overlay sketches and anatomical diagrams for reference.

The same technology can be used to carry out training remotely, with students able to access teaching in real time from expert teachers who are not able to be physically in the same room as them.

In both cases, the technology makes it easier to connect clinicians and access expertise from around the world.

5G may be the prescription to improve healthcare systems across the world.

Originally published on isemag.com January 15, 2020