6 Playlists to Power Through Your Workday

By Doug Aamoth

I have a problem: I can’t engage in even the most minute amount of busywork without listening to music. However, said music can not, under any circumstances, be anything but instrumental. No lyrics for me, thank you very much.

I suspect I’m not alone, given the seemingly bajillions of lyric-free instrumental playlists available on Spotify. And though I confess I have not personally listened to every single one, I have listened to many as I grapple with busywork. Here are some of my favorites based on various work-related activities.

Bajillions of lyric-free instrumental playlists are available on Spotify. Here are some favorites based on various work-related activities to help you grapple with busywork.

Originally published on fastcompany.com June 24, 2020