7 Steps to Keep Your Warehouse Workers Safe

By Leigh Buchanan

Use These 7 Steps to Keep Your Warehouse Workers Safe

Warehouse workers at 450-employee Lindsay Window & Door have been seeing a lot of owner Geoff Roise recently. Two weeks ago, Roise got on a plane to visit three of his company’s five production and distribution facilities around the country. There he met with groups of employees to discuss Lindsay’s commitment to minimizing the Covid-19 threat in their workplaces and his expectations for how they will contribute.

Roise and his manager of HR and safety also periodically make surprise video calls to the sites from Lindsay’s headquarters in North Mankato, Minnesota. “We ask the person on the other end to start walking around so we can check for social distancing,” Roise says.

For a company like Lindsay, these are all sound moves. Business leaders spend more time in their offices than in their warehouses. Consequently, safety practices within cubicles and conference rooms dominate their attention. But warehouses, in many ways, are more challenging than offices to secure against illness. Employees move around a lot. Equipment is shared. There may be multiple entrances. And many hands touch a single product as it travels from shelf to packaging to shipping.

While all the usual new Covid-19 rules apply to protecting warehouse personnel, companies should also consider these steps.

Originally published on inc.com June 12, 2020