Bringing Satellite Options Down to Earth

Bringing Satellite Options Down to Earth

By  James Trevelyan

How MNOs Can Leverage Satellites to Connect the Unconnected —

Instant connectivity is a privilege most of us take for granted, but many regions have fallen behind when it comes to accessing fast, reliable connectivity. Thankfully, that is changing. The falling price of satellite capacity has the potential to bring connectivity to the 40% of the world still offline, bringing with it huge opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). (1)

Satellite connectivity has often been seen as a last resort due to the typically high costs involved. However, major advances are turning the tide and providing an opportunity for MNOs to expand beyond their already saturated core markets and open up new revenue streams. Satellite backhaul can serve communities where low density or challenging geography make it expensive to install terrestrial circuits. And now, thanks to innovation, it has transformed into a relatively low-cost, reliable way of providing critical connectivity.

Satellite backhaul has been cost-prohibitive for network providers — until now.

Originally published on April 15, 2021