Texas Lone Star Network

TLSN is a consortium of 41 Rural Telecommunications Carriers in Texas. Our Member Owners have been providing quality services to rural Texas customers for 50 to 100 years. TLSN was established in 1998 to coordinate the completion of the Member owned statewide fiber optic network.  TLSN provides Private Line Transport 200G, 100G, 40G and 10G wavelengths, connectivity to some of the largest data centers in Texas and Internet Bandwidth via 13 Cisco ASR9000 Series Routers, one of the largest IP/MPLS networks in Texas.  All services provided on a customer-specific contract basis.  Our Member Owners  support TLSN with over 500 technicians and outside plant personnel across the entire network.  TLSN is the single-point of contact for customers for all sales, marketing, engineering, provisioning, NOC 24×7 monitoring, network testing, billing and collecting.  With our Member Owners, TLSN operates one of the largest DWDM, Carrier Ethernet & IP/MPLS networks in Texas and New Mexico.