Connecting the Underserved and the Unserved

Tomales Bay, California

By Mike Kavanagh

A 5-Step Broadband Strategy —

Broadband connectivity is essential now more than ever to battle our nation’s Digital Divide problem.

• Some studies have calculated that 83 million people in the USA lack access to high-speed Internet services — many of whom live in rural areas.

• Other statistics indicate that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, 30 million underserved Americans are not able to access telehealth and online learning resources that are desperately needed.

• Scenes of Americans parked outside fast food restaurants, trying to get Internet connectivity are all too common.

• In one instance, a parent drove her son from their family farm to the nearest hill so that he could participate in Zoom classroom meetings.

Existing Multi-Service Access Platforms (MSAPs) have significant embedded bases that can play a critical role in closing these broadband service gaps in metropolitan, suburban, exurban and rural areas. These MSAP systems already connect millions of homes and businesses across the USA. Consequently, many Service Providers can upgrade and expand existing MSAP systems to deliver 100M/20M, 50M/5M, and 25M/3M, Internet connectivity. These existing MSAPs are an ideal platform for both large and small network operators participating in Connect America Fund and Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) broadband stimulus programs.

Learn how existing network MSAPs can help telecom providers connect underserved communities in need of better broadband.

Originally published on December 1, 2020