Eco-Friendly Offices: The Green Features Employees Desire

By Human Network Contributor

  • Over 50% of offices don’t employ eco-friendly features.
  • US offices score an average of 2.1/5 for eco-friendliness.
  • Most sought-after green office features are eco-friendly designs and architecture (73%).
  • 26% of job applicants choose a role based on how eco-friendly the office is.

Against a backdrop of climate change protests, awareness has never been stronger. And as many commuters have been affected in their day-to-day lives, opinions seem to be divided.

But how many of us agree with protestors’ messages?

Commercial property agents sought to answer this. 1,703 US office workers have been surveyed to gauge opinions on workplaces’ green efforts.

What do Americans think about eco-friendly offices?

Firstly, respondents were asked to score their current office in terms of eco-friendliness. Shockingly, scores averaged at only 2.1 out of 5 (1 = not eco-friendly at all and 5 = very eco-friendly).

Not only that, but companies aren’t implementing enough eco incentives.

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Originally published on April 1, 2020