Enter 2021 With an Effective Plan

Old fashioned typewriter with 2021 typed on white paper

By Louis Mosca

Here are some figures that will make your head spin. According to Search Engine Journal, 50% of business owners don’t have a marketing plan in place, and 72% of owners don’t have a succession plan, as per CPA Practice Advisor.  

While that’s bad, only 33% of business owners have a formalized plan in place, as per a 2015 Gallup poll.   

Though egregious, these numbers seem far too generous.  In fact, I believe actual numbers are closer to five percent, two percent, five percent, respectively! 

2021 is right around the corner, so you should start crafting next year’s business plan, and the perfect place to start is using last year’s plan.  

Stop reading this and go grab it. 

Oh, yeah, you’re probably one of the people who doesn’t have a formalized, written plan.  

I’m not being harsh for the sake of being harsh. It’s vital that you create a plan for your business each-and-every year. 

A lot is happening in 2020, and you need to factor these events into your 2021 plan.

Why crafting a business plan is critical to succeed in today’s complicated economy.

Originally published on forbes.com September 8, 2020