Executive Insights With Brenda Laboy, AVP, Access Construction & Engineering, AT&T California

Brenda Laboy, AT&T

By Sharon Vollman

ISE: What are 2 of AT&T’s top network-related priorities for 2021?

Laboy: AT&T’s 2 top network-related priorities for 2021 lead to one common goal: to connect more people to reliable, high-speed services. At AT&T, we build the technology, networks, products, and partnerships, that make better connections possible.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how valuable those connections are — whether they be for people working remotely, students learning virtually, businesses changing how it reaches their customers, or families staying in touch.

One of our 2021 priorities is the expansion and densification of our 5G Network. Our teams worked tirelessly in 2020 to launch AT&T 5G (sub-6 spectrum) nationwide, and to deploy AT&T 5G+ (mmWave spectrum) in parts of 37 cities across the country. In 2021, we’ll continue to push forward on 5G allowing our customers a more robust experience on our network with blazing fast speeds.

Feeding our 5G expansion has to include building more in our fiber footprint. We have one of the largest fiber footprints in the nation and we still need fiber to connect our 5G wireless nodes. Additionally, we have business and residential customers who want to connect with fiber. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly played a role in elevating the importance of a fiber connection — particularly, AT&T’s fiber that has symmetrical upstream bandwidth. The symmetrical bandwidth will only continue to be more important as our “new normal” becomes simply “normal.”

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Originally published on isemag.com March 1, 2020