Executive Insights with Gabe Waggoner, Executive Vice President – Operations, Consolidated Communications

Gabe Waggoner, Consolidated Communications

By  Sharon Vollman

Topic: Priorities

ISE: What are 2 of Consolidated’s top network-related priorities in 2021? 

Waggoner: Our mission is to turn technology into solutions and to enrich how people work and live. Today, we have operations centered around 5 core regions across the US, and a robust, fiber-centric 100G network that, I’m pleased to say, has stood up very well to the demands and increased utilization we’ve seen over the past 14 months. 

Last year, we announced an ambitious network expansion to build out fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)
to over 1.6 million passings over a 5-year period. We’ll start by upgrading more than 300,000 locations in 2021 with synchronous multi-gig speeds. This is a transformational initiative and the largest network expansion in our company’s history. When complete, over 70% of our footprint will be fiber-capable. The expansion will help future-proof our business and create lasting economic development, e-commerce, and quality-of-life benefits and opportunities, within the communities we serve. 

We’re also expecting network utilization to continue trending higher in 2021, so we’re continuing to enhance and strengthen our 100G mesh core network. 

Additionally, we’re in the midst of a large-scale digital transformation initiative that will improve customer support channels with increased functionality, simplicity, and automation. This is an exciting time for our company.

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Originally published on isemag.com May 1, 2021