Feeling Edge-y?

By: MobiledgeX

How Mobile Edge Computing Will Benefit Network Providers —

The pace of innovation has been invigorating, but exhausting. Now that everyone has a better idea how everything fits together and what it can do, shortcomings and limitations have become more obvious. For example, smartphones aren’t the ultimate mobile device. Wireless augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, and autonomous systems are coming.

As impressive as 4G/LTE is, it needs to be improved to keep up. The cloud can evolve and be improved with a continuing stream of specialized server instances for AI, machine learning, inference, and gaming, for example. Improving the communications links between cloud servers and users or devices is a continuing effort.

The cloud and mobile infrastructure are clearly synergistic and mutually dependent. More applications for both consumer and business run in a cloud, and more access is from mobile, Wi-Fi, and cellular wireless devices. Going forward, the success of mobile and the cloud are inescapably dependent on each other. But competition exists for a larger share of the market. As every aspect of our private and work lives evolve into a cloud-based mobile delivery model, this market is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

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Originally published on isemag.com April 1, 2020