Fiber Field Cleaning Best Practices Post-COVID-19

Fiber Field Cleaning

By Jay Tourigny

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many fiber installers likely didn’t think much about whether they were cleaning their fiber optic connections correctly. But now, in the COVID-19 world, cleaning is on nearly everyone’s mind. It is a primary focus and a top priority for many whether at home or at work. Even fiber optics cleaning is taking on more importance.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people changed the way they communicate. Almost overnight, employees started working in their virtual offices from home. Face-to-face sales calls and in-person meetings quickly morphed into video chats and conference calls. Others in self-isolation spent more time gaming, watching and shopping online. This sudden and drastic switch to more digital communication underscores the critical need for a robust and reliable fiber network to keep us all connected. And in turn, why fiber cleaning is essential to ensure flawless network performance and reliability.

When installing or maintaining fiber optic networks in the field there are specific processes for cleaning. These include cleaning methods to not only provide a cleaner, safer work environment, but also to help ensure installers create perfectly reliable and clean fiber optic splices and connectors. Here are some suggestions to help boost your post-COVID-19 fiber optic cleaning success.

It’s time to review your current fiber field cleaning tools and methods. Are you doing the right things, given COVID-19 realities?

Originally published on October 1, 2020