Five Pricing Moves Companies Made in 2020, From Zoom to Peloton

Pricing Moves

By Nicole Nguyen

From free video calling to a $2,495 stationary bike, here’s a look at how companies used pricing to respond to the coronavirus crisis

Free Zoom, $13 unlimited Walmart delivery, a $30 Disney movie, a $399 iPhone and a $2,495 Peloton bike: This year, companies in tech and other industries used the lever of pricing in ways that managed the pandemic’s obstacles or even capitalized on its opportunities.

Ordinarily, an economic downturn causes a decrease in demand for many products and services. Yet the Covid-19 pandemic’s widely varying impact on different corners of the economy tested traditional pricing approaches. Companies played up conveniences, knocked down barriers and offered new services and new choices—with mixed results.

Here’s a look at examples of intriguing price moves this year.

Originally published on December 6, 2020