Getting Everything to Talk to Everything Else

By Chris Pearson

3GPP Can Help —

According to data from Ovum, there were approximately 5 million 5G subscriptions at the end of 2019, a number forecast to increase to 1.9 billion by 2024. Additionally, the number of IoT connections is expected to quadruple from 1 billion to over 4 billion during the same time frame.

The age of the smart machine being smartly connected is here. Those words may seem cliché by now, but it’s true. We are entering an amazing time in history when not just people, but things, are becoming intelligent. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer relegated to the tall towers of the data centers, sitting atop massive lakes of information; intelligence is being pushed to the edge. But data fuels intelligence — and data requires communication.

While that’s the goal, we know it’s A LOT more difficult than it seems. Learn some new strategies to help you get there.

Originally published on June 1, 2020