How Can Operators Deploy 5G AND Manage Mobile Video Growth?

By John Giere

It Is Possible!

A recent survey of mobile operators globally found that 27% of the 41 operators surveyed will deploy 5G SA within 12-18 months with a further 10% within 24 months. With the maturity of 3GPP standards, such as the Release 16 freeze in March 2020, operators now see a clear path to 5G SA infrastructure. The overall timeline is supported by a total of 49% of operators who plan to deploy 5G SA within the next 4 years.

Responses to the survey reveal that operators choose different strategies when it comes to the edge. About 85% of operators are planning edge deployments at some point, but more than half of the operators in the survey have no strategy for doing so. Approximately 32% are going only with limited, specific-use cases such as smart factories, smart cities, or retail, while others are holding off until the business case for edge deployment becomes more viable.

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Originally published on August 1, 2020