How I Used Empathy to Lead Through Disruption

Empathy to Lead

By Mark Anderson

Everyone remembers that feeling of the first day at a new job. The mix of excitement, trepidation and eagerness is a strong combination of emotions fueling those first few days and weeks. Now, layer on top of a new job the emotional cocktail of being a CEO for the first time and set it within the context of a global pandemic. Fun stuff.

I became CEO of Alteryx, the leading provider of analytics automation software to over 7,000 global customers, in October 2020. Since assuming this role, I’ve balanced being an approachable leader while making changes that fundamentally impact and improve how the company operates. In this article, I share what I’ve learned to help other c-suite executives and aspiring leaders navigate and thrive through difficult circumstances.

Taking on this role was challenging. Deciding the type of leader I wanted to be was not.

Originally published on May 17, 2021