How is Brené Brown Getting Through the Pandemic?

By Sarah Hepola

How the Pandemic Turned Brené Brown Into America’s Therapist

But for heaven’s sake, the best-selling author, unapologetic cusser, and fifth-generation Texan would rather not be called that.

The week we lost the world we knew, Brené Brown held church. Wearing a floral blouse and hoop earrings, she settled into her home office, in Houston, in front of a bookcase with spines arranged by color: cerulean blue and daffodil yellow and blush pink. She livestreamed a fifteen-minute service, Brené Brown–style: There was a prayer, yes, but also a Beatles sing-along. There was God talk but also cussing. And there was a sermon about offering grace to anyone you might like to punch in the face.

This 5th generation Texan has expanded her role more than she ever thought — including busting her mom and stepdad out of an assisted-living facility.

Originally published on June 2020