ICT Visionaries 2020 Roundtable Highlights

By Sharon Vollman

Network Executives Gathered Virtually to Share Pain Points and Passions —

Like the rest of us, our 2020 ICT Visionaries have adapted to working in a hybrid environment. Most are combining a Work-from-Home (WFH) model with working from the office. All of them have learned much about leadership, walking their talk and learning what really matters in this COVID-19 era.

Fittingly, our annual ICT Visionaries roundtable event was intended to be a videoconference gathering. But, we ran into the typical challenges you’ve likely hit before. Platforms didn’t “talk” to each other; participants’ firewalls prevented them from easily joining us. We sent instant messages and texted each other while we tried to problem-solve platform glitches. After trying a few work-arounds, we ditched the videoconference notion and joined a good ol’ IP audio conference. Still, the latency gremlin got in the way of our verbal spontaneity. (There’s nothing like the audio black hole when you say something you hope is clever, only to hear silence and a late awkward laugh.)

None of that was surprising. By now, we all know how technology can help and hijack our best efforts to communicate.

What was happily surprising was the patience and light-heartedness I saw amongst our ICT Visionaries after many minutes of waiting and problem-solving. They were easy-going despite having to-do lists pinging them in the background. They were collaborative and honest with each other even though they represented competitors. And when we had to sign off because of time constraints, many were open to virtually gathering again.

THAT is what I adore about our industry. Nuff said.

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Originally published on isemag.com December 1, 2020