ICT Visionaries – Part 2

By ISE Staff

What do our respected telecom leaders say about COVID-19’s impact on the network, the Edge, and 5G?

ISE asked this year’s ICT Visionaries to answer 3 of these questions.

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

How has the COVID-19 pandemic this year impacted both your company and team members?

Mobile Edge Computing

When it comes to monetizing The Edge, which comes first: the applications, or the infrastructure? Share why and how this impacts your organization.

Network Investment Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Will your company change, or stay the course on your CapEx spend throughout 2020? What are your network priorities for the rest of 2020?

Cultural Transformation

Explain why cultural transformation is as important as technical transformation is to ensure success in the digital economy. Share an example of what you are doing in this area.

Balance ?!

Have you ever had your success outpace your ability to manage it? How do you attend to the things that matter — while balancing everything else and NOT sacrificing your health, sanity, and relationships?

5G Infrastructure Growth

How does your company plan to move-the-needle related to 5G infrastructure growth?

Learn their network know-how in this second of our 3-part series.

Originally published on isemag.com July 1, 2020