Introducing ISE Magazine’s 2020 ICT Visionaries — Part 1

By ISE Staff

Welcome to the new 2020 ICT Visionaries from AT&T, CenturyLink, Clearfield, Fort Collins Connexion, New Lisbon Telephone Company, Norvado, and Verizon.

ISE asked this year’s ICT Visionaries to answer 3 of the following questions.


What is your company doing in this area to reinvent itself?

Network Optimization

How are you doing that, or what are you contributing to it as a vendor partner? If your company is not there yet, what do you hope to do in the near future across your network(s) to create efficiencies and optimize operations?

Skills Gap

What gaps are you addressing across your teams? What do you suggest for those who do not have the opportunity to take advantage of formal training and educational enrichment opportunities?

Investment for the Future

What are your company’s investment priorities for 2020?

Artificial Intelligence

Why is this critical, and in what areas across the network(s) do you see AI being used in the future (or already today)?


Talk about this trend. Share what your company is doing to address SD-WAN, and the challenges that go along with embracing it.

Learn their network know-how in this first of our 3-part series.

Originally published on April 1, 2020