Marketing’s New Challenge: Moving to the Next Normal

By Ryan Phelan

At the recent Discover MarTech virtual event, where I was honored to host a roundtable discussion, I was intrigued by a marketer who wondered whether marketing would be harder as the economy begins to reopen.

He suggested it was because the polarization that divides our society on so many issues now extends to the pandemic, and ranges from people who think the pandemic is overblown to those who think we aren’t responding the way we should. 

How do you market to both audiences without disenfranchising one of them? And, in this world where people take to social media within seconds of feeling offended, how do you avoid accusations that you’re pandering to one group or another? 

This is becoming more important now that businesses that shut down all or part of their operations are beginning to look at the best ways to reopen them.

Find ways to tailor each channel’s messaging that’s appropriate for your company and customers. Here’s how.

Originally published on May 18, 2020