Partnering for the Future With the ISE Team

By Rusty Moore, TTA Board President

As an association, it’s our nature to create strong partnerships to benefit our members. With an objective to enhance our membership communication and interaction, we’ve decided to bring on a partner that will help us achieve that and more.

Please welcome our association communication and event partner, the ISE Team!

For 32 years, ISE has been dedicated to supporting the telecom industry as a partner in education, sharing industry knowledge and best practices, technology insights, and training resources. They look forward to helping TTA become the business resource and partner our member companies rely on to strengthen and grow their communities and businesses. (They publish ISE magazine, create and run ISE EXPO annually, and have partnered with numerous network providers to create custom educational events for their network teams.)

It’s essential to have a business partner that respects and supports tradition while helping us grow. ISE and TTA will support the needs of our members, and your customers. Through this partnership, TTA will guide the ISE team to provide members with additional insights into technology and services, help share members’ business best practices, and successfully serve our customers and communities now, and into the future.

If you’d like to know more about ISE, please visit or contact our TTA liaison, Janice Oliva, at She’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on how to serve our members better.