Powerful Insights

By Mark Cohen

Simple Rack Changes Can Yield Powerful Rewards —

The explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and growing consumer expectations of high-speed broadband data anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, put increased pressure on data networks and infrastructure.

To deliver this ever-increasing deluge of data, 5G is launching to provide these services wirelessly. Higher cable speeds (can you say “10G”?) and FTTX (fiber-to-the-business/node/home) are being deployed to support this 5G evolution. One can expect more changes in the coming years, all driven by our hunger for more, and faster, data.

Architectures are also changing, as network operators push data processing closer to the edge to reduce latency and increase Last Mile bandwidth. Whether C-RAN or remotePHY, these new architectures will someday themselves be replaced as new technologies emerge.

After all, when it comes to investment in technology, decisions are always made on the bottom line. What generates more revenue and more profit? Data.

Being power-challenged in telecom can mean several things. None of them are good. Find some solutions.

Originally published on isemag.com April 1, 2020