Regulatory Update August 2020

By: TTA Regulatory Committee

The rural telecommunications industry in Texas faces a crucial regulatory situation as the Public Utility Commission considers how they will continue to fund the Texas Universal Service Fund. Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of a front row seat watching the TTA extended lobby team consisting of Ian Randolph, John Hubbard, David Parker, Shayne Woodard, and Craig Chick, with the assistance of TTA’s Executive Director, Mark Seale, and TTA’s legislative chair, Scott Stringer of CenturyLink, as they have worked tirelessly for our industry. If you get a chance to thank them in person, please do so generously.

PUC Chairman Walker has filed a memorandum that contains a copy of a letter that she is sending to legislators laying out her argument against funding TUSF. While the chairman appears to be committed to her course, we do not know how this will turn out. But, it is important for you all to know who has joined us in our efforts urging the Commission to fund TUSF in support of the rural communities we all serve. If you have a social media presence, or if you just want to write an e-mail or an old-fashioned letter, please consider thanking the following legislative members for standing with rural Texas by supporting TUSF through letters to the Commissioners:

What is clear to me is that whatever the outcome of the commission’s deliberations, during this next legislative session we will again be dealing with the future of TUSF and we will need these Legislators’ help.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact TTA.