Spotlight Your Hidden Talent

Swimming pool graphic with sign for Talent Pool

By Joel Garfinkle

Spot these types of hidden talent in your organization

You know your company has hidden leaders, just waiting to be uncovered and given opportunities to shine. But how to find them?

Your underrepresented talent pool contains some high-potential leaders held back by their gender, ethnicity, orientation, culture or even personal style. Their skills are waiting, undeveloped and wasted, while they become less and less engaged in your organization as they are passed over again and again. (In my corporate training, “The Invisible Leaders: How to Find Them and Let Them Shine,” I explain how you can highlight your hidden talent and raise their visibility to others.)

If you want to bring opportunities to your unknown potential leaders and improve diversity, learn how to spot them hiding in plain sight.

Originally published on August 17, 2020