Stop Avoiding Network Transformation

By Christian Uremovic

Talent, Tools, and Templates, to the Rescue —

Virtually every network operator would love to migrate their old, legacy network toward new, state-of-the art infrastructure, even without being driven by 5G technology introduction. This is not surprising, as there are many good business reasons to migrate legacy networks: cost reduction, improvement in quality of service and customer experience, footprint reduction, power savings, and advances in technology, are just a few.

The fact is that growing, or even just maintaining, outdated technology is not effective, because:

  • Older equipment and solutions are not scalable.
  • Older equipment is often at end-of-life and/or end-of-service.
  • There is limited availability of experts for legacy platforms.
  • Older equipment consumes too much space.
  • Older equipment lacks open APIs and common data models.
  • Managing a network with a wide mix of technologies, vendor platforms, and generations of equipment, is inefficient.

Can telecom/ICT providers overcome the challenges that inhibit network modernization?

Originally published on July 1, 2020