Tech Support 2.0 for the Post-COVID-19 Future

Man in medical mask sitting in front of monitor screens

By Jason Moore

Taking Tech Support to the Next Level —

At the time of this publication, we’re about 7 months into the COVID pandemic in North America. Understandably, one of the big questions everyone asks is When can we get back to normal? Normal, of course, is defined as everything we knew until the second week of March 2020, before terms such as lockdown, quarantine, shelter in place, and social distancing became part of our vocabulary.

As we eagerly await to do things we’ve taken for granted, like eating in restaurants or going on vacation, there are many things that we’ve accepted as being “normal” that should never again be part of our daily reality. One of those things is how telecom providers/ICT companies deliver support to customers who experience broadband connectivity issues.

Until March 10, 2020, customer service was a fairly predictable affair. Customers would call a support desk to report a problem, and support personnel would walk them through a troubleshooting checklist to help diagnose and fix it. If issues couldn’t be resolved remotely, a crew would be dispatched to the customer’s home to do a deeper analysis and (in a perfect world) repair whatever wasn’t working.

COVID-19 is forcing telecom providers to reimagine how they handle in-home troubleshooting customer requests. Learn how.

Originally published on September 1, 2020