Ten Strategy Questions Smart Leaders Ask Themselves Each Day

By: Jim Haudan

Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible.

Sounds pretty profound, doesn’t it? When you read the words, and look closely at their meaning, they’re so true. Think about it… if you have a strategy and you don’t execute on it, who cares that you even had a strategy to begin with? And if you try to execute but your people are not on board, do you even have a hope of making anything happen?


So, how can you tell if your company is actually executing your strategy through people? Ask yourself these 10 questions and see how well you do.

1. Do leaders share a consistent view and interpretation of the strategy?

Does your plan mean the same thing to everyone? Are you and the other senior leaders on the same page about what you want to do with the organization?

2. Are your people ready, willing, and able to execute your strategy?

Do you have employees who are on board with what you’re tying to accomplish? Are they capable of helping you get where you need to go?

3. Do the behaviors of the leadership team support the strategy?

The way the top tier acts is going to set the pace and tone for how everyone else follows. Leaders have to model the behavior they want the rest of the company to emulate.

Read the other 7 questions and see how you are doing with YOUR strategy.

Originally published on rootinc.com October 14, 2020