Today Requires MORE Than Just Keeping Up

By Michael Wood

5 Features to Examine When Choosing the Right SD-WAN for Your Needs —

Long gone are the days when bolted-on elementary SD-WAN functionality will suffice. Network requirements have evolved, and, as a result, many service providers are re-evaluating SD-WAN solutions. Issues such as lackluster security, limited scalability, lack of automation and orchestration to simplify operations, inefficient cloud on-ramp, and incomplete cloud and SaaS integrations, can result in poor user experiences that diminish the value and benefits of an SD-WAN deployment.

Service providers and enterprises alike are adopting mature SD-WAN architectures which deliver additional networking capabilities necessary to meet today’s WAN Edge requirements.

Learn why the new normal in telco-land requires SD-WAN to help keep up with demand.

Originally published on October 1, 2020