TTA Board Update July 2020

Update from Your Executive Director

It has been a whirlwind of activity in the past few weeks as I have started this exciting new position as Executive Director of the Texas Telephone Association. Having been familiar with TTA and its rich history, I was honored and humbled to be given the opportunity. I look forward to sharing our goals, plans, and successes over the coming months with you.

I have been met with a warm welcome and incredible support from all of our members and have been awed by the expertise of the team of advisors that work to help TTA succeed on the regulatory, legislative, and media fronts.

But mostly I have been impressed with the level of care our member companies show for their customers and their communities. Especially in light of recent events. As seen in previous articles in our e-newsletter, members of TTA responded to the Federal Communications Commission’s COVID-19 Keep Americans Connected Pledge by instituting new programs and outreach initiatives to connect the members of their communities and support their neighbors. A few examples:

  • Offering free installation and several months of free Internet service to homes previously without service.
  • Waiving fees and increasing speeds for teachers, students (k-12 and College), and first responders, medical personnel, and utility technicians.
  • Offering free Wi-Fi hotspots in school parking lots.
  • Donating thousands of dollars in gift cards to employees and customers to support local restaurants.

In fact, our members have done such a great job in responding to the pandemic and the needs of their communities that a senior FCC policy advisor singled out TTA’s efforts on social media:

So, a big thank you to our members and our affiliates. We are proud of you!

Mark Seale, Executive Director
Texas Telephone Association

It is the goal of TTA to build stronger relationships and have open communication between all its members. Your story is real. Your story is important. Your story makes a difference. Our goal is to hear and share your story with folks in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

– TTA Board of Directors