TTA Executive Director Update February 2021

During the legislative session, our TTA team of legislative and legal experts stay constantly busy. We have several standing meetings each week to review legislation that has been filed, to discuss legislation that will be filed, and to coordinate legislative issues and advocacy across all telecommunications industry lobby groups in Austin.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Capitol is mostly deserted. Because our offices are very close to the Capitol, we are able to bring legislators and staff to us, hosting briefings about rural telecommunications and the future of rural broadband.

We are closely monitoring redistricting as well, as the decennial redrawing of legislative districts to adjust for population increases will dramatically affect rural representation. As the population of Texas has grown by almost 15% since the last census, the population in each House and Senate district in the legislature will grow, with State Representatives’ districts approaching 200,000 people, and Senators approaching 1,000,000 people. That population growth has not been in rural areas for the most part, which means legislative districts will become more urban, and some rural districts will be combined to make up for loss population in rural areas. We anticipate the legislature will address redistricting in a special session called by Governor Abbott in late summer or early fall.

Plans are already underway for our Annual TXConnect Summit in San Antonio. After a successful pivot to a blended in-person/virtual event last year, we will again be joining our friends at the Hill Country Hyatt from August 15-18. Our partners at ISE are joining us again for an in-person event (pandemic permitting). Sponsorship opportunities and vendor spotlight opportunities will be available.

Watch our website,, for further details.

Mark Seale, Executive Director
Texas Telephone Association

It is the goal of TTA to build stronger relationships and have open communication between all its members. Your story is real. Your story is important. Your story makes a difference. Our goal is to hear and share your story with folks in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

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