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VTX1 Companies
Denise Reyna-Barrientes, Senior Manager – Marketing

TTA Involvement:
Current member of the TTA Marketing Committee and TTA TXConnect Summit Planning Committee.

What’s your best habit?
Reyna-Barrientes: Thinking things through with practical and sound reasoning.

What’s one habit you wish you could change?
Reyna-Barrientes: Having night-owl tendencies. I have missed out on many a good night’s sleep due to this!

What helps you get creatively unstuck?
Reyna-Barrientes: Generally walking away and coming back to a project or starting all over again.

Who do you admire and why?
Reyna-Barrientes: I admire my parents. They have seen so much change in their lifetimes, educated themselves, stayed true to their faith, provided for my brothers and me, and have been devoted to each other for decades. I can only hope to emulate their example, even if in only one of these aspects, and I will have succeeded in life.

What buzzword could you live without?
Reyna-Barrientes: Gone Viral.

How do you like to relax?
Reyna-Barrientes: Pulling into Sonic, parking the car, and ordering a half-sweet-and-half-unsweet tea.

Is there a favorite book you’d recommend?
Reyna-Barrientes: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

What advice are you glad you ignored?
Reyna-Barrientes: Honestly, nothing comes to mind.

How did you choose your career?
Reyna-Barrientes: I always feel like my career began with my natural interest in Advertising and how it relates to others; channeling perspective, insight, assumption and commonalities, which is why I pursued my Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising. I think the rest of it occurred from happenstance with my first job after graduating college being Marketing-related and further jobs after that also residing in that space.

What’s you WFH (work-from-home) uniform?
Reyna-Barrientes: Joggers and a comfy tee when no Zoom meetings are scheduled, and a business-casual shirt and jeans on Zoom meeting days.

Any favorite object in your office?
Reyna-Barrientes: My coffee cup!

Do you have a quote or saying you try to live by?
Reyna-Barrientes: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney.

Favorite social media accounts or websites?
Reyna-Barrientes: Lately, YouTube to search for music that can help focus and concentration to keep me in my “work zone”, and to catch a Ted Talk when I have time.

What personally has gotten you through the COVID-19 pandemic?
Reyna-Barrientes: Defer again to my previous answer of frequent visits to Sonic, plus taking the dog for a walk.

Top 3 activities that bring you joy.
Reyna-Barrientes: Travel, riding my bicycle, watching my son smile.

Which would you rather do?
Cook or exercise? Cook.
Read or listen to an audiobook? Listen.
Swim or hike? Hike.
Present to a group or take an online course? Depends on the subject, could be either.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2021?
Reyna-Barrientes: More hugs, live music, big family get-togethers, and traveling without hesitation.