Walking the Tightrope — Balancing Bitrate Optimization and Video Quality

Walking on a tightrope

By Carlos Hernandez

Balancing Bitrate Optimization and Video Quality — 

The video industry is in a continuous high-wire act that tends to span 2 difficult choices: reduce bitrates and risk delivering subpar video quality, or establish and meet quality thresholds without regard to budget. And even though they’ve been practicing the tightrope walk for a while, few are ready to do it without a safety net.

A survey in June 2020 on the subject of bitrate optimization and video quality drew 300 respondents and revealed 2 things about how the video industry is coping with the issue:

  • First, there is no consensus in the methods used to determine the viewer experience at the consumer level; and
  • Second, even when companies understand the optimization-viewer experience balance, they often run into roadblocks in implementing solutions.

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Originally published on isemag.com November 1, 2020