Why Leaders Should Cultivate Employee Groups to Foster Inclusion and High Performance

Leaders Should Cultivate Employee Groups

By Anne Chow

Too many leaders worry about affinity and employee groups in the workplace because they’re concerned about what it will do to their culture. There’s a fear that the creation of these groups will further Balkanize the organization and that – worse yet – they could create clusters of dissent and overly vocal team members who develop a manifesto of impractical demands.

While this may sound implausible in this day and age, I’ve encountered plenty of leaders and organizations who have shied away from the notion of these groups. This is definitely the wrong thing to do.

ERGs can serve as informal focus groups, helping to surface issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and which can even strengthen not only your culture but also your products and services.

Originally published on chiefexecutive.net March 19, 2021