Winning the 5G Marathon Requires the Right Strategies

Marathon Runners In Motion, winning the 5G marathon

By Kevin Bourg

Don’t Let Powering or Optical Connectivity Slow You Down —

The race to 5G is well under way. Network operators throughout the US and the world have made commitments to the deployment of 5G wireless technology. But the end is on the distant horizon. We need to look at this race as a series of relays, with each stage taking on a different set of objectives, timelines, and investment.

The first stage could be considered a sprint, in which today, many operators are close to the handoff point as they are incrementally upgrading from 4G to 5G. The final stage is a marathon.

In many cases, each stage brings on new spectrum, opportunities for new services, and stricter service level requirements.

Today, we are focusing on the last stage of deployment, the marathon run. In this stage, a healthy fiber diet is essential for meeting the 5G key performance indicators (KPIs), while planning for power is critical for a cost-effective and rapid deployment.

Telecom providers who want to win the 5G marathon must embrace new powering and optical connectivity strategies.

Originally published on November 1, 2020