Your Network Is Telling You Something. Are You Listening?

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By Alan DiCicco

Performance Data Analysis in the Era of Working and Learning Online —

Millions of Americans are currently working and learning from home. Before working outside of the office was the norm, only around 7% of US workers had the option to regularly work from home. In this new day and age, what is the “norm”? According to a CNBC report from earlier this year, while 55% of Americans will want to work in an office environment at some point at the same or limited capacity, once the economy reopens, 24% say they’d like to work either entirely or more from home compared to how they worked before. That’s a large jump from pre-COVID-19 days.

With over 53% of Americans considering the Internet as “essential” during the pandemic, it’s imperative that providers ensure that reliable Internet access is available at all times. How can providers guarantee workers and students reliable Internet service at home? The answer can be found in the network performance data.

There are 3 congestion points that are likely to hinder the subscriber’s experience of peak Internet performance:

  1. Home Wi-Fi network
  2. Outside access network leading to the home
  3. Provider’s aggregation network

Your network is trying to tell you something about Wi-Fi performance. Are you listening?

Originally published on December 1, 2020